6 Fundamentals of Selling a Home Today

Here are four things sellers should understand about today’s market to make their homes as saleable as possible:


1.  Price it right:  When you're looking at comparables, you have to see what's sold in the past three months. The comps should be as close as possible to your model (bedrooms and baths), square footage, lot size, and other amenities.  Notice what's under contract.  How long did it take these properties to sell?  Did they have to give buyer concessions  (closing costs, down payment assistance, etc)?  An overpriced house only makes other homes look better!

2.  Go look at your competition:  It’s always a good idea to go out with your agent to view the homes in your market and price range.  Anyone looking at your house will more than likely look at these homes too!  It will give you a realistic idea of what you are up against. You’ll also learn about proper pricing, days on market and staging.

3.  Get property picture online:  Stage the property, then take pictures and virtual tours. Our local MLS now allows 25 photos of each house.  A house without proper pictures usually communicates that the sellers are hiding something.

4.  Disclosure is key:  Do your “Seller’s Property Disclosure” early!  Tell potential buyers what’s wrong before they figure it out. That eliminates last-minute     re-negotiations and cold feet.  Never hide issues from buyers—you might see them again in court.

5.  Clean, clean, super-clean:  A clean, clutter-free and de-personalized property makes potential buyers likely to pay more!  How close can you make your home look like the “model home” of the builder down the street?

6.  Never turn down a showing In this market, losing one showing might make the difference in selling your home or not.  Even though it might be very inconvenient, try to accommodate all requests.  Be ready and prepare your family (rehearse) for the “last minute” call to schedule a showing from the agent in front of your house!


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