How They Met

Preston and Sandie met in 1978 while attending Texas Tech Univerity in Lubbock, Texas.  They met in their church's campus ministry. Many of the friends they made back then are still among their closest relationships today!  They married the next year on November 22, 1979. Preston was then working at Texas Instruments as a Corporate Financial Planner and Sandie was preparing a career in Interior Design. 

Mariage and Working Together

Preston and Sandie have worked side by side during their entire marriage (of 33+ years)! Within their 1st year of marriage, they felt the call of serving God in the full-time ministry. For 23 years they worked in the ministry leading and planting churches throughout the United States and even in the Philippines (6 years) and in Japan (2 years). Willing to "do anything and go anywhere" for the Lord was their personal motto. This attitude led them on many different adventures from living in the 3rd world and facing volcanoes, earthquakes, flood, storms, riots and even bloody civil strife in the Philippines to working on some of the most prestigious campuses in America including Harvard and Cal Berkeley.

A Family with a Heart to Help Others

The Shepherds have two beautiful daughters and were excited to help their children develop a heart for others. heir two girls (Christie and Jenny) attended half of their early education overseas in the Philippines and Japan. The Shepherds led a church that grew to almost 4,000 people in Manila and developed an special ministry outreach to the poor and needy of that city. Even to the day, when the Shepherds go back to visit Manila, their first several days is going to the poorest areas to bring aid and care to the people there.


When Preston and Sandie asked if their girls if they wanted to leave the comforts of America and move overseas for a 3rd time (2001), they had mixed emotions, but quickly embraced a desire to go and help others once again. This time moving to Japan, the girls attended a high school where they had to take 3 different trains and commute 1.5 hours each way to attend classes. Both were very involved in their schools activites (Christie was voted Senior Class President and Jenny played tennis and organized a special school club to help the poor in Cambodia)!

In 2003, the Shepherds made a decision to move back to Denver, to work in Real Estate and to be closer to Sandie's parents.  Now, the Shepherd girls are both married to awesome men. Christie and her husband live in Chicago working for a large non-denominational church in Chicago. They've started a family and have three high-energy little boys!




Jenny and her husband live in Castle Rock and we are blessed to have them work with us in our Real Estate business (see They have a beautiful little girl named "Aspen". They are also following in mom and dad's footsteps by buying and renting homes.


Preston and Sandie feel so blessed!  To be working in Real Estate is a dream!  Our family is close and loves to be together! 

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